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In this painting of rural Minnesota, Cameron Booth depicts three Czech-American farmers. The two women and singular male figure look to be taking a brief respite from preparing a plot of land to grow berries. Two harnessed horses stand behind the…

Patrick DesJarlait's drawing of two Native American fishermen depicts a popular seasonal activity practiced by the Ojibwe people. The fishermen, placed in the center of the watercolor, are the main focus of the work. They are geometrically…

This photograph by Wing Young Huie depicts a young woman in a blue shirt sitting on a man-made stone fence in Death Valley, NV. In the background are the sprawling hills of the valley. Published in Looking for Asian America: An Ethnocentric Tour by…

The sculpture depicts a Native American youth and his hunting dog running full stride. The hunter is clad in a breechcloth, wears a single feather in his tied-back hair, carries arrows in his right hand, and holds a bow in his left.

This preliminary sketch of Paul Manship's Indian Hunter and His Dog depicts a Native American youth running alongside his dog. The hunter is clad in a breechcloth, wears a single feather in his tied-back hair, and holds a bow in his hand.

George Morrison's collage is composed of weathered wood, found on the shores of Lake Superior, that the artist pieced together to create an abstract landscape.

Romare Bearden’s collage of magazine cut outs and painted paper depict a Black Madonna and Child.

Thomas Hart Benton's painting of a rural American landscape shows two farmers working in the field forming high upright piles of corn stalks. He juxtaposes his farmers, who wear red and white shirts and blue and black pants, with the golden figural…

Charles Burchfield painted this scene of a backyard alley while living in his hometown of Salem, OH. He outlines the barren tree in the center, the hollowed barn on the right, and shed on the left in white gouache. Burchfield used blues and browns to…

This two part drawing of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s earth art project, Running Fence, includes an original charcoal and pastel drawing by Christo Javacheff and a remnant of engineering documents used to map and guide the creation of the art project.…
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