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George Morrison produced this drawing at the time he was making his large wood collages. This piece has a collage feel where each element is contained but connected. Morrison used thin lines to form the wavy and straight-edged shapes depicted in the…

In this watercolor by George Morrison, the artist painted a network of black vertical and horizontal lines against alternating strips of blue, green, and orange color. Producing what he called “little Cubistic sections” of varying rectangular and…

Through intense hatching and cross-hatching, George Morrison arranged various rounded patches of white, black, green, and brown around a central dark spiral.

This drawing testifies to a time when George Morrison was creating works on paper that reflected his interest in the Cubist technique of breaking down landscape elements into sections. The drawing has a rectilinear cubist grid of horizontal and…

This drawing by George Morrison depicts a cluster of organic shapes arranged horizontally in front of a segmented pink, black, and blue background. The random fluctuation of the circular forms' size and shape, as well as the chaotic web of thin lines…
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