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Maria and Julian Martinez' black earthenware bowl has a mouth wider than its base. The bowl is polished and looks gray in color.

Peter Voulkos created this asymmetrical structure by melding slab cutouts of wet stoneware onto a vertical vase made on a potter's wheel. He decorated the top and center blocks with abstract lines and geometric shapes.

One of a series of six soup bowls in the M's collection, this ceramic object was produced through the collaborative efforts of Warren and Alix MacKenzie. The bowl's grayish-white color is the result of applying glaze to white slipped stoneware, while…

Created by Warren MacKenzie and his wife Alix, this stoneware vase has a thin base, rounding outwards to its widest at the center, and forming a lip at the top. The vase's bottom two-thirds is covered in a dark glaze which contrasts with the light…

Warren MacKenzie's platter is glazed with one of the artist's favorite Shino glazes. The plate has a white body and reddish-orange edges. Across the surface, MacKenzie applied strokes of black glaze, creating a staccato pattern.

This lidded jar by Warren MacKenzie has a surface covered with vertical fluted areas about one inch wide. Fired separately, the lid has the same fluted sides as the jar. It has a yellow hue, is scattered with brown spots, and has brown streaks…
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