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Maria and Julian Martinez' black earthenware bowl has a mouth wider than its base. The bowl is polished and looks gray in color.

Vivika Heino and her husband Otto crafted and decorated this ceramic vase. The neck is short and narrow and the body balloons outward, creating a spherical shape. The body is grey and decorated with darker lines and splatter spots. The neck and spout…

Margaret De Patta's pendant consists of several small triangular and rectangular crystals imbedded in an oval resin. These small crystals are green, purple, and blue. The pendant is encircled with gold, attached to a gold necklace, and closed with a…

Kate Anderson pays homage to Henri Matisse with her knitted teapot by featuring two decorative designs based on Matisse's paper cutouts. One side of the teapot depicts a white figure centered within a diagonal strip of black. Yellow star-like shapes…
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