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In this watercolor by George Morrison, the artist painted a network of black vertical and horizontal lines against alternating strips of blue, green, and orange color. Producing what he called “little Cubistic sections” of varying rectangular and…

While renting a villa in the south of France, Morrison painted this abstracted composition reminiscent of Roman artifacts. An assembled multicolored wine jug as well as a gray, stylized avain shape appear near the bottom left corner while curved and…

George Morrison drew this menagerie of abstracted objects during his time at a villa in Antibes, France. Ranging from large to small in size, each item is comprised of several bodily features, such as a titular head, torso, and legs.

Created during George Morrison’s sojourn in France, this pen and ink drawing depicts several black decorative patterns against a white background. On the left, solid rectangular and circular shapes are stacked vertically while the forms in the center…

This drawing testifies to a time when George Morrison was creating works on paper that reflected his interest in the Cubist technique of breaking down landscape elements into sections. The drawing has a rectilinear cubist grid of horizontal and…
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