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Frank Big Bear's multi-panel collage consists of one hundred and forty-four 8 1/2 x 6-inch individual colleges. He created each piece by pasting photographic paper on identical postcards from his son, Star Wallowing Bull's art exhibition at the…

This sculpture by George Morrison is a thin and tall rectangular shape. Each side is decorated with a low relief design that depicts varying sizes of blocks stacked on top of each other. The sculpture has a greenish patina flecked with copper.

George Morrison created this three-dimensional cube by fitting together wooden pieces shaped in wavy and organic forms. The pieces are finely made and polished creating a finished smooth cube.

George Morrison based this oval sculpture off of a small stone churinga he saw at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He formed the structure by combining two pieces of carved wood and placed it on a block of black marble.

George Morrison created this abstract illustration of Lake Superior as part of a group of four acrylic and pastel drawings. Using gestural strokes of chalk and paint to compose the landscape, Morrison colored the top quarter of the work with muted…

Created for a show at St. Paul's Minnesota Museum of Art and Duluth's Tweed Gallery, George Morrison's landscape of Lake Superior is part of a group of four drawings. Similar to the other three in the series, the work is colored with a minimal…

George Morrison created this nocturne landscape of Lake Superior by combining pastels with acrylic paint. One in a series of four, the pastel is nearly monochromatic in color. A horizon line is visible a quarter of the way down from the top, while a…

One in a series of four pastel drawings by George Morrison, this abstract landscape of Lake Superior is covered in layers of green and orange colors and dusted with purple pastels. A horizontal line is drawn across the page a quarter of the way down…

In this drawing George Morrison sketched four sculptures of Hindu yonilinga that are at the Musée Guimet in Paris and in Southern India. In this sketch he inscribes a definition of a yonilinga and records the location of each sculpture.

In this sketch George Morrison drew a sky chart that appeared in the New York Times on August 12, 1984. Morrison included notes at the top and bottom of the page as well as a drawing of three planets that appeared next to three constellations.
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