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Dennehy Boy with Broken Arm, Czech Republic, 1994 (Web).jpg
This photograph by Dan Dennehy is part of a series entitled Love, War, & Circuses. The image features a boy with a broken arm standing on a tree stump.

In this double portrait, Clara Mairs features herself in the process of painting her self-portrait, which depicts Mairs as a younger version of herself with flowing red hair. In between Mairs and her painting is her life partner Clement Haupers.…

This painting by Clara Mairs features a man and woman in an intimate embrace, seated at a table in front of a plate of red peppers. The girl is wearing a peach dress, which is the same color as the table surface, with a lace collar. She holds a…

Adolph Muhr took this photograph of his friend and college Edward Curtis. Curtis is dressed in a tweed suit and wears a necktie as well as a Stetson hat. Muhr shot his sitter against a dark background.

Inspired by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem The Song of Hiawatha (1885), Paul Manship created this bronze sculpture of Mudjekeewis stealing the Belt of Wampum from Mishe-Mokwa, the Great Bear of the mountains. Manship represents Mudjekeewis as a…

In this drawing, William Gropper portrays an aged bearded man dressed in a jacket, blue hat, and blue pants. The man holds a cane in his proper left hand and a basket of eggs in his proper right. On his right, the artist included an urban scene,…
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