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Antonio Frasconi created a marine landscape in this color woodcut print. In the foreground, two men, portrayed as dark silhouettes, stand on a dock, facing towards the water, with wooden boxes stacked behind them. In the background is a covered dock…

George Morrison’s abstracted landscape of Lake Superior consists of thick orange, purple, red, and green horizontal lines as well as a diagonal red cloud that floats from the bottom left to the upper right corner. Near the top edge lies Morrison’s…

George Morrison's collage is composed of weathered wood, found on the shores of Lake Superior, that the artist pieced together to create an abstract landscape.

Patrick DesJarlait's drawing of two Native American fishermen depicts a popular seasonal activity practiced by the Ojibwe people. The fishermen, placed in the center of the watercolor, are the main focus of the work. They are geometrically…
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