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Hauptman Untitled (Self Portrait) (Web).jpg
In Susan Hauptman's drawing, the artist's portrait takes up the entire picture plane. Her gaze is directed at the viewer and she has a clear shall wrapped around her. Her proper left hand is covered in a white-glove and holds the shall in place.

99.14 Gordon Parks Muhammad Ali (Web).jpg
This photographic portrait of boxing champion Muhammad Ali was taken by Gordon Parks. The image shows a close up of the boxer's face, which is drenched in sweat.

Biederman Untited (Paris) (Web).jpg
Charles Biederman's collage on paper is composed of notes, invitations, receipts, and an eye prescription that belonged to the artist while he was living in Paris.

Roszak Ballerina web.jpg
In this drawing by Theodore Roszak, the artist depicts a portrait of a person looking to the side.

In this double portrait, Clara Mairs features herself in the process of painting her self-portrait, which depicts Mairs as a younger version of herself with flowing red hair. In between Mairs and her painting is her life partner Clement Haupers.…

Clara Mairs' painting features three children standing in a room with a blue wall and carpet. A popular subject matter for Maris, these children each hold a toy in their hands. The girl in the white dress, positioned in the center of the canvas,…

Frances Cranmer Greenman painted this portrait of her friend and colleague Clara Mairs in 1923. Greenman depicts Mairs in a domestic setting, standing in front of a yellow coach chair and curtains. Mairs is positioned in the center of the elongated…

Clara Mairs' oil painting shows a girl standing next to a birdcage. The girl's lack of clothing, as well as the tub of water in the lower right corner, indicates that the young woman either has or is about to bathe. The ornate, human sized cage…
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