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Five pieces of painted mat board are joined together in Herbert Bayer's abstract sculpture. Four of the five pieces are crescent shapes in primary colors: black, yellow, red, and blue. All are connected to the central circular blue mat, which has a…

In this collage sculpture, Mary Bauermeister glued rocks, of various shapes and sizes, and spherical blocks of wood onto a glass surface, which she placed over a canvas covered with multiple sketches and photographic cutouts. The canvas is divided…

Amalia Amaki crafted this large vertical sculpture into the shape of a fan with buttons, white floral patterned fabric, and simulated pearls. There are two parts to the piece. In the center of the top portion of the work is a blue tinted photograph…

The sculpture depicts a Native American youth and his hunting dog running full stride. The hunter is clad in a breechcloth, wears a single feather in his tied-back hair, carries arrows in his right hand, and holds a bow in his left.
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