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Stuart Davis' preliminary study for his History of Communications mural features illustrations related to methods of communication, including speech, text, film, television, and radio. Commissioned for the 1939 World's Fair, Davis blanketed his…

George Morrison sketched three different stela as a study for a later work. In this drawing the artist included notes on the stela, documenting the location and condition of each stone column.

This preliminary sketch of Paul Manship's Time and the Fates Sundial depicts the three female Fates of Classical Greek mythology. Depicted as young, mature, and elderly, the women are placed beneath a tree, which Manship has fashioned to support the…

This two part drawing of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s earth art project, Running Fence, includes an original charcoal and pastel drawing by Christo Javacheff and a remnant of engineering documents used to map and guide the creation of the art project.…

This preliminary sketch of Paul Manship's Indian Hunter and His Dog depicts a Native American youth running alongside his dog. The hunter is clad in a breechcloth, wears a single feather in his tied-back hair, and holds a bow in his hand.
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