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Mackenzie Allegra (Web).jpg
This multicolored hanging textile piece was crafted by Nancy MacKenzie. The work consists of red, yellow, and purple vegetable bags that are sewn together. Its shape looks like a pea pod and the various layers create a vertical wavy texture.

Clark Triangle Trade (Web).jpg
In Sonya Clark's Triangle Trade, black thread/yarn is wrapped into a one-inch braid and sewn in a triangle pattern on canvas.

Textile designer Susan Goldberg used the process of screenprinting to decorate this piece of black rayon. The artwork is mounted and takes on the appearance of an abstract painting. Goldberg covered the fabric with multi-colored dots. The dots appear…

Kate Anderson pays homage to Henri Matisse with her knotted teapot by featuring two decorative designs based on Matisse's paper cutouts. One side of the teapot depicts a white figure centered within a diagonal strip of black. Yellow star-like shapes…

This greatcoat made by Tim Harding is fashioned in the form of a traditional Japanese kimono. Through layers of quilted, slashed, and frayed Dupioni silk, the artist depicts a school of red and orange koi (Japanese ornamental carp) swimming beneath…
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