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Michelsen Saints Cap and Stand (Web).jpg
JoHannes Michelsen's woodcarving is of a Saints baseball cap and a long wooden stand in the shape of a baseball bat. The Saints logo is burned on the front of the hat. The cap rests on the top of the stand.

Michelsen Twin Cities Ball Cap II (Web).jpg
JoHannes Michelsen's wood carving takes the form of a Twin Cities baseball cap. There is a "TC" bas-relief on the front of the hat. Inside is a carved swirl, a soft Velcro piece adhered to the top, and a black forehead protection foam piece adhered…

Martin Weathered Facade_1 (Web).jpg
Peter Martin's black and white photograph was taken in Kelsey, MN and shows the façade of an old run-down building.

Ackerman Down the Hill (Web).jpg
This snow covered hill with several people in snow jackets is from Jenn Ackerman's photographic series of Minnesota winter and features an aerial view of Theodore Wirth Park.

Swiszcs K-Mart Sign (Web).jpg
This painting by Carolyn Swiszcz features a Big K-Mart sign on a grassy incline.

Chavez Hard Bark_1 (Web).jpg
Hard Bark is a mixed media wood piece by Juan Chávez.

Clark Triangle Trade (Web).jpg
In Sonya Clark's Triangle Trade, black thread/yarn is wrapped into a one-inch braid and sewn in a triangle pattern on canvas.

Lee Pillow Book (Web).jpg
This glass sculpture by Helen Lee resembles a Chinese funerary pillow.

Nankivil Forces in Play (Web).jpg
This oil painting by Lisa Nankivil contains vertical bands, varying in width and color, which run down the canvas. These colors range from shades of reds and whites to blue and black hues.

Bonnie Seeman's hand built ceramic set is comprised of a red rhubarb stem pot and a green arrowhead leaf tray.
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