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Morrison Reclining Nude_1 (Web).jpg
In this drawing by George Morrison a nude woman is lying on her side in a room. Her proper left arm rests on her hip and her proper left leg lays over her right. The woman's body is painted in abstract reds and oranges.

Kai Mixture Forever_1 (Web).jpg
This abstract triptych by Yi Kai is comprised of blue, red, and white painted canvases. Kai embed the work with symbols derived from eastern and western cultures.

2012.04.01 Charles Joseph Biederman Untitled, New York, March 1936 (Web).jpg
Charles Biederman's abstract painting has several colorful geometric shapes grouped in the center of the work, against a blue background. These shapes overlap, with the larger green and brown shapes outlining the orange, red, and white forms that are…

Wiener Colors from the Coast (Web).jpg
This abstract painting by Phyllis Wiener is composed of fluid shapes of blues, greens, and yellows. The majority of the work is painted in blues, with several small patches of yellows and greens grouped near the bottom edge. The image could represent…
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