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In this print, Christo portrays a single chair covered in a white cloth. A series of red lines are wrapped around the chair, appearing on the top, bottom, and along the inside of the arms. On the white floor, Christo included several straight…

This drawing by Ed Ruscha depicts the word "Business" in white lettering near the top of a solid background of burnt-orange. Using pastel and gunpowder, Ruscha rendered his letterforms to look three-dimensional, as though they were fashioned from…

This painting by Joan Mitchell depicts a cornucopia of horizontal and vertical undulating strokes of red, green, blue and yellow colors. The background is a blended white.

This full-length portrait by Robert Henri depicts a Spanish dressmaker adorned in a yellow apron, black skirt, white shirt and a black shawl.

This two part drawing of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s earth art project, Running Fence, includes an original charcoal and pastel drawing by Christo Javacheff and a remnant of engineering documents used to map and guide the creation of the art project.…

Charles Burchfield painted this scene of a backyard alley while living in his hometown of Salem, OH. He outlines the barren tree in the center, the hollowed barn on the right, and shed on the left in white gouache. Burchfield used blues and browns to…

George Morrison's collage is composed of weathered wood, found on the shores of Lake Superior, that the artist pieced together to create an abstract landscape.
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