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George Morrison created this three-paneled painting while teaching at Penn State University. Each panel flows into the other, with patterns of various green, lavender, orange and red patches continuing onto the adjoining board. The blocks of color…

This abstract drawing by George Morrison depicts as series of spontaneous brushstrokes. Throughout the work, thin jagged lines of black paint overlap thick grey strokes.

George Morrison completed this “one-shot” painting in a single sitting. The work is abstract and composed of blocks of color. Near the upper left corner, small squares of red, orange and pink overlap a large patch of yellow, which occupies the lower…

George Morrison painted this abstract drawing during his stay in Provincetown, MA. The work depicts paint strokes of varying sizes and degrees of thickness, with black paint overlapping grey strokes.

This drawing reflects George Morrison’s interest in “action painting.” Using thick rapid strokes of paint, Morrison interwove large blocks of blue, pink, and white with thinner patches of black, creating a balanced composition of light and dark…

Peter Voulkos created this asymmetrical structure by melding slab cutouts of wet stoneware onto a vertical vase made on a potter's wheel. He decorated the top and center blocks with abstract lines and geometric shapes.

This abstract expressionist drawing by Mark Tobey is comprised of black Sumi ink strokes on white paper. This particular work of art is part of Tobey’s Space Ritual series.

This painting by Joan Mitchell depicts a cornucopia of horizontal and vertical undulating strokes of red, green, blue and yellow colors. The background is a blended white.
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