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Henderson Untitled_1 (Web).jpg
This print shows unrelated and unknown objects that are combined together and color words throughout. For example, a dragon's head attached to a rectangular base. The text includes the words orange, red, violet, blue, yellow, and green. The print is…

Slack Target (Web).jpg
In the center of William Capel Slack's print is a shadowy figure covered in letters. The transparent text appears on the figure's head and torso.

Hauptman Untitled (Self Portrait) (Web).jpg
In Susan Hauptman's drawing, the artist's portrait takes up the entire picture plane. Her gaze is directed at the viewer and she has a clear shall wrapped around her. Her proper left hand is covered in a white-glove and holds the shall in place.

99.14 Gordon Parks Muhammad Ali (Web).jpg
This photographic portrait of boxing champion Muhammad Ali was taken by Gordon Parks. The image shows a close up of the boxer's face, which is drenched in sweat.

Tortorici Ancients Contemplating the Modern World #1, Venice, Italy (Web).jpg
This photograph is part of Mary Tortorici's series where she explores the blending of historical and contemporary cultures. Shown is a high-relief sculpture of four figures.

Steenerson Untitled (Web).jpg
A photograph of a old car in front of a mural of the "Hamm's Beer" logo mural.

Martin Weathered Facade_1 (Web).jpg
Peter Martin's black and white photograph was taken in Kelsey, MN and shows the façade of an old run-down building.

Latner Frederick County, Maryland 1994_1 (Web).jpg
This photograph was taken on top of a grassy hill with a fence shown running across by Peter Latner is from his Civil War series (1994-2001).

Faust Chestnut Shepard Elevators #4 (Web).jpg
This nocturne photograph by Chris Faust features the de-construction of the Chestnut Shepard Elevators.

Faust Shoreline Detail #30, Lake Superior (Web).jpg
During a road trip, Chris Faust photographed a small piece of the shoreline of Lake Superior. In the center of the work, a clump of grass rests in the middle of a frozen stream between two spotted rocks.
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