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One of a series of six soup bowls in the M's collection, this ceramic object was produced through the collaborative efforts of Warren and Alix MacKenzie. The bowl's grayish-white color is the result of applying glaze to white slipped stoneware, while…

Created by Warren MacKenzie and his wife Alix, this stoneware vase has a thin base, rounding outwards to its widest at the center, and forming a lip at the top. The vase's bottom two-thirds is covered in a dark glaze which contrasts with the light…

Warren MacKenzie's platter is glazed with one of the artist's favorite Shino glazes. The plate has a white body and reddish-orange edges. Across the surface, MacKenzie applied strokes of black glaze, creating a staccato pattern.

This lidded jar by Warren MacKenzie has a surface covered with vertical fluted areas about one inch wide. Fired separately, the lid has the same fluted sides as the jar. It has a yellow hue, is scattered with brown spots, and has brown streaks…

This greatcoat made by Tim Harding is fashioned in the form of a traditional Japanese kimono. Through layers of quilted, slashed, and frayed Dupioni silk, the artist depicts a school of red and orange koi (Japanese ornamental carp) swimming beneath…

This abstract expressionist drawing by Mark Tobey is comprised of black Sumi ink strokes on white paper. This particular work of art is part of Tobey’s Space Ritual series.
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