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This drawing by George Morrison features a checkerboard pattern of brown and black blocks of varying sizes, which Morrison formed with hash marks of colored ink.

This drawing testifies to a time when George Morrison was creating works on paper that reflected his interest in the Cubist technique of breaking down landscape elements into sections. The drawing has a rectilinear cubist grid of horizontal and…

Joseph Meeker’s landscape of Lake Pepin, a riverine lake on the upper Mississippi, depicts the transitory moment when the setting sun and rising moon share the evening sky. The rippling lake, surrounding bluffs, and line of large cumulous clouds in…

This two part drawing of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s earth art project, Running Fence, includes an original charcoal and pastel drawing by Christo Javacheff and a remnant of engineering documents used to map and guide the creation of the art project.…

George Morrison's collage is composed of weathered wood, found on the shores of Lake Superior, that the artist pieced together to create an abstract landscape.

This photograph by Wing Young Huie depicts a young woman in a blue shirt sitting on a man-made stone fence in Death Valley, NV. In the background are the sprawling hills of the valley. Published in Looking for Asian America: An Ethnocentric Tour by…

In this painting of rural Minnesota, Cameron Booth depicts three Czech-American farmers. The two women and singular male figure look to be taking a brief respite from preparing a plot of land to grow berries. Two harnessed horses stand behind the…
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