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Komar Saint Paul's Most Wanted (OmekaWeb).jpg
The Minnesota Museum of American Art commissioned this painting by Komar and Melamid for the exhibition "The People's Choice." The subject matter, colors, and style of the painting are based on a survey, distributed by the M, of St. Paul residents'…

Kiland The Upper Hand_1 (Web).jpg
In this painting by Lance Kiland, two men are engaged in physical contact in front of a yellow background. The man in the red shirt grasps the other man's head with both hands and the other person has both arms out. They are surrounded by blues and…

Morrison Reclining Nude_1 (Web).jpg
In this drawing by George Morrison a nude woman is lying on her side in a room. Her proper left arm rests on her hip and her proper left leg lays over her right. The woman's body is painted in abstract reds and oranges.

Olson Saddle of the Mountain_1 (Web).jpg
Bettye Olson's colorful landscape shows a valley with a yellow sun above the valley and covered with pine trees. The valley is painted in yellows, dark greens, blues, and reds.

Kai Mixture Forever_1 (Web).jpg
This abstract triptych by Yi Kai is comprised of blue, red, and white painted canvases. Kai embed the work with symbols derived from eastern and western cultures.

Curry Stallion and Jack Fighting_1 (Web).jpg
John Steuart Curry's lithograph shows a horse and donkey engaged in a fight. Both of the animals are on their hind legs and there is a farmer on the right looking on. It is related to Stallion and Jack Fighting painting by the artist in the M's…

Henderson Untitled_1 (Web).jpg
This print shows unrelated and unknown objects that are combined together and color words throughout. For example, a dragon's head attached to a rectangular base. The text includes the words orange, red, violet, blue, yellow, and green. The print is…

Fournier An Early Thaw, Near East Aurora, New York_2 (Web).jpg
Oil on board landscape by Alexis Fournier of a winter landscape with snow-covered field. A building is in the distant at the horizon line and bare trees to on the right foreground. Above this structure, the sun peaks out of the clouds.

Fournier St. Anthony Falls and the Minneapolis Exposition Building_2 (Web).jpg
Alexis Fournier painting is of the Minneapolis Exposition Building with St. Anthony Falls' crashing waves in the foreground. People appear to be at work along the bank of the falls.

Brewer Autumn Echoes_2 (Web).jpg
This landscape painting by Nicholas Brewer of a cliff and river. There is a white building at the top of the cliff. Trees frame the foreground.
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