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Stuart Davis' preliminary study for his History of Communications mural features illustrations related to methods of communication, including speech, text, film, television, and radio. Commissioned for the 1939 World's Fair, Davis blanketed his…

In this drawing, William Gropper portrays an aged bearded man dressed in a jacket, blue hat, and blue pants. The man holds a cane in his proper left hand and a basket of eggs in his proper right. On his right, the artist included an urban scene,…

In Philip Guston's drawing are simple line drawings of three large circular shapes across the middle of the drawing, a tall cylindrical form on the right, and a smaller cylinder shape in below the circular shapes.

In this abstract drawing, Gabor Peterdi used gradients of ink and ink wash to create strokes varying in length, thickness, and value, coming from the center of the work. The darkest lines are concentrated in the center of the drawing.

Roszak Ballerina web.jpg
In this drawing by Theodore Roszak, the artist depicts a portrait of a person looking to the side.
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